The Calendar

The most common way of keeping track of time is the use of the Celestial Calendar which uses Selene's Crown, a full moon surrounded by a lunar halo, to signify the end of the month. The Calendar was devised by the astronomers of the elves living near the Jewel Tree of Thariel over hundreds of years ago as the world needed some unified way to keep track of the passing of time. 

The Celestial Calendar is based on months and days.


A year counts 12 months, each one is 28 days long.

  • Thawmist (early Spring)
  • Dewsnap (mid Spring)
  • Flowerbloom (late Spring)
  • Longrass (early Summer)
  • Warmshade (mid Summer)
  • Sunstrong (late Summer)
  • Goodgrove (early Autumn)
  • Willowind (mid Autumn)
  • Redleaf (late Autumn)
  • Maggotfeast (early Winter)
  • Gloomfrost (mid Winter)
  • Coldrain (late Winter)

A year counts exactly 336 days.

The Calendar

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