Character Generation

General rules

  • We use the standard array for determining ability scores . Point-buy or rolled stats are not allowed.
  • Everything from the Player’s Handbook is fair game.
  • Player options from the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Unearthed Arcana articles and third party sources like EN5ider can only be used with DM approval.
  • A newly created character starts play at the level equal to the current lowest level party member. If all party members are at the same level, the new character starts one level below the rest of the party.
  • When a new player character is created, players may roll a D100 to determine if their character posses an inborn variant of Mystic Eyes or Pure Eyes.
  • A newly created character can gain a bonus level by having a full character page. See below for details.

The full character page

In order for a newly created character to gain a bonus level, he or she must have a wiki page that includes at least the following:

  • Character name and race.
  • Character class and level.
  • Character proficiencies.
  • A short term goal, e.g. I want to find enough treasure so I can pay off my family’s debt.
  • A long term goal, e.g. Someone needs to do something about that dragon.
  • Physical character description.
  • Character background.
  • At least one ’’bonded’’ NPC.

Character Generation

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